Russell Crowe ALMOST Slept Here!

Russell Crowe tweeted to his 250,000 followers:  "Rode from Algonquin to Lake Geneva (WI).  Beautiful place, my first ever visit to Wisconsin. If you are in the area, check out Baker House."

Well, it just so happens my darling friend, Bethany, OWNS  Baker House and this is her report:  "Last night (8-25) Russell Crowe arrived (unannounced) at our new restaurant, The Baker House, in Lake Geneva, WI.

He came in with two male friends and asked to be seated in our lakefront garden.  They were hungry and seemed a bit tired....evidently, turns out he and his 2 male companions had biked from Algonquin, Illinois, to Lake Geneva, 40 miles, and then spent the day trekking around our scenic 28 mile lake!   Russell said it was his FIRST VISIT EVER to WISCONSIN and thought it was beautiful, and when he left he Tweeted to his fans that if ever in the area, they should check out the Baker House!

Our staff all wear costumes set in the 1890's-1920's and Russell was amused asking our waitress if she liked dressing up when she came to work!

When he and his friends left, they said they had an early day in Chicago or would have spent the night in our luxury hotel rooms that just opened.  That would have been awesome!"

Truth be told, this beautiful, vintage hotel with a lakefront setting has been on my hit list for quite some time.  My neighbors  love it and we have been invited a few times but my schedule has never allowed us to go.  Nestled in scenic beauty on Geneva Lake, this hotel was built in 1885 as a summer home for a wealthy family.  Situated at 327 Wrigley Dr., in downtown Lake Geneva, this vintage, painted lady boasts 30 rooms, 13 fireplaces, nightly entertainment, a Lakefront Garden and is a Nationally Registered Historic property.  Luxury suites begin at $340. and there are many packages available.

I am sure Russell will be returning.....and I hope I can meet him for cocktails in the Lakefront Garden!  (With my husband, of course!)

(Baker House, 327 Wrigley Drive, Downtown Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 262.248.4700,


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