Larry King Loves Chicago!

I've always admired legendary talk show host, Larry King, but never more so than when I was able to ride along in his limo on the way to Wrigley Field where he threw out the first pitch at the Cubs/Cardinals game this week.   Larry was in town being feted by gorgeous author/socialite, Sugar Rautbord, on the launch of his recent book, "Truth Be Told", which is a delightful and frank account of his life and career.

My exclusive interview with Larry lasted the entire route from the Park Hyatt to the ballpark!  I was so thrilled to hear his amusing stories with world leaders like the time Russian Prez, Vladimir Putin called him at the barber shop (due to his mistrust of cellphones) or the time Saddam Hussein called him at a restaurant (he told the waiter to "put him on hold.")  or the time former President Clinton called him during his impeachment proceedings and asked "who's winning?"  With his far reaching knowledge and humor, it's no surprise that he is a magnet to such a variety of people.  Larry's passion for baseball is also well known.  He tries never to miss a Dodger's game and his older son,  Chance, has turned into a terrific player too.

Larry's scare with heart trouble led him to create the Larry King Cardiac Foundation.  This organization provides life-saving procedures for those who can't afford them.  He says he likes to make the calls himself to notify the recipients.  He's passionate about so many things and says he's never forgotten growing up poor in Brooklyn where his first pair of glasses came courtesy of government aid.    He is fascinating to listen too and I know that even though his talk show has come to an end,  this sure won't be the last we hear from Larry King!

(ALL photos by Mila Samokhina.)

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