The Chicago Tribune has a New Social Columnist!!!!

And it's MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!   I am so excited!  This Sunday was my third column for the Chicago Tribune.  Their last full-time columnist was my dear friend Lucinda Hahn whose last column, "Toast of the Town", appeared in 2004 or early 2005.   I got to know Lucinda when she wrote my Chicago Magazine feature, "Belle of the Blog", and we became good friends.  Not only is she a terrific person, but she's one of the best writers around so it's quite an honor to be (trying) to fill such big shoes!  (By the way, Lucinda has a full-time, big-time magazine gig in North Carolina now and I miss her....)

And, as you know, this is a newbie column so there is still lots of tweaking to be done but the fine folks at the Trib are working very hard every week  to make the column, AND the paper,  look and feel better.   I couldn't be happier.  I came to know many of these people through my work as a blogger on Chicago Now. This site has been a labor of love and I am hoping the switch to the new platform goes forward without too many headaches for Jimmy Greenfield who seems to be working night and day on this.  In any case, my thanks and gratitude go out to Jimmy Greenfield (who brought me to this party), Colin McMahon , Joyce WinneckeBill Adee and Fauzia Arain. Thanks for your faith in me...I will try my hardest!!!

I will see you every Sunday in the Sunday Magazine section (last page, full color, full fun, full photos!)


Candace :-)

(As always, any questions, you can contact me at


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  • Congratulations on your new gig. Knock 'em dead!

  • Congrats on the new gig! I remember Lucinda's column and am excited to have something similar back in the Trib. Good luck!

  • Congratulations! How fantastic!

  • Congrats!

  • Congratulations! How exciting!

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