What Do You Think About Chicago Now's New Look?

What Do You Think About Chicago Now's New Look?

Welcome to my first Candid Candace post on our new WordPress platform.

Although I must admit, I hate seeing Movable Type go.  I will especially miss losing my identifying banner but that's life.  Some things you can't control and this is one of them.  We've all been practicing for weeks on this new platform and I have a gazillion emails with instructions.

I think I now know how the astronauts feel during training.  I will also miss my photo gallery.   Oh, I know I have the capabilities to input them here but they will look different and I don't know if they will be easier or harder to view.

I'm a very visual person and prefer photos over text any day but maybe it's just me.  I am hoping you will tell me what you want to see and read on Candid Candace.  Maybe less photos are better?  Maybe less copy is better?  You tell me.  I'm not really good with change.  I haven't rearranged my furniture since it was placed around our house 20 years ago.

I'm not quite sure how this is going to work,  but I will try my best, and with your help, maybe we can make it fabulous?!  Please send me all of your suggestions,  good and bad....I need to know.....:-)

And, as you can already see, there are many bugs to work out so if you are searching  for a recent post, it's likely that the photos won't be appearing  just yet....

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  • Hi Candace:

    All the best with your new look and new platform. I am sure it will work out well for you. Your blogs are ALWAYS great!!!

    And yes, photos are good. The one thing to think about is that always the same people are highlighted at all the events and I, for one, get tired of seeing all the same people.
    It gets rather boring. Why not let us see people who are not necessarily friends and those who go to every party! That might be
    more interesting.

    But, you are awesome and a wonderful and creative and interesting writer .

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  • In reply to newsjunkie:

    Hi newsjunkie! Thanks for the comment! I appreciate your thoughts but want to clarify why you might be seeing some of the same people featured on my websites. Many of these people became friends for the very reason you mention--they DO attend and support the events, parties and charities that I attend and write about. And even though I do try to include new faces, the ones that crop up often are the ones who continually support, contribute and work toward making the charities successful. I try to reward these kinds of people by including them. Sorry if these images might bore you but this is the reason why. Thanks again for the message and am glad you enjoy my writing!
    Have a Happy 4th! :-)

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