The Service Club of Chicago's Spring Luncheon is Hat Lover's Dream

Opener SC Hat Luncheon 6-11 076.jpg


The Service Club of Chicago held its annual Spring Luncheon at the Chicago Club recently and fanciful hats were the order of the day.  Chair Sherry Holson hosted a sellout event themed "The Mad Hatter Luncheon" with over 220 women in attendance wearing hats by milliners such as Loreta Corsetti, Carla Faso, Laura Whitlock as well as some homemade creations.  The ladies enjoyed a lecture and presentation by Bes Ben hat expert Elizabeth Jachomowicz.  There was also a display of these designer hats for everyone's enjoyment as well as a contest.  Judges included Bunky Cushing, Elizabeth Jachomowicz and Mary Robak.  Winner for the "Most Regal Hat" went to Mamie Walton, winner for "Most Original" went to Cheryl Bollinger and "Most Head Turning Hat went to Rochelle Trotter.  Service Club prez Sherrill Bodine toasted the crowd and thanked them for coming.  It was a dream made in chapeau heaven! 

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Photos by John Reilly Photography.


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