Crystal and Hef Go WAY Back: A Playmate's Point of View


Holly tried to warn him and she would've known since Crystal had been lurking around the edges of her group for a long, long time.  I remember seeing her in the background at many a Playboy party.  Definitely not an insider but, for sure, an insider wanna be.  I didn't think much of her but then I thought Hef was closer to this situation and would know her nature better than I.  I also thought that he would've been able to detect a schemer from a million miles away.  Well, as it turns out, he couldn't have been more mistaken.  And even though I don't think this was a match made in matrimonial heaven, I still feel no one should be treated this way.  He did nothing to deserve this, and as a matter of fact, has been so very classy about this whole sordid display of greed going so far as to joke that his "Saturday movie will be 'Runaway Bride.'  I would NOT have been so kind, for sure! 

The NY Post today reported she'd been seeing Dr. Phil McGraw's son, Jordan, who was her 'songwriting partner."  Whatever the hell this means...And she had secretly planned to ditch Hef at the altar in return for a $500K media deal, which thank god, she never received. 

Hef has been forever the gentleman with all of his past girlfriends and they ALL still love him to this day.  He went so far as to throw a wedding for Kendra and Hank at the Mansion,  a baby shower for long-time love Sondra Theodore and too many other similar gestures to name.  I also know that when he finds out an ex is in trouble, he still tries to help out.  So no one can say Hugh Hefner is not a nice guy! 

I'm pretty sure the girls are lining up with casserole dishes as we speak....onward and upward Mr. Playboy! 



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