Candid Candace on Windy City Live! Yeahhhh!!!!


I was so thrilled to be on the hot, new show Windy City Live this week!  I had been in for interviews with the producers and even participated in a test show with a live audience before launch date.  It was so very exciting and I was thrilled that they asked me back.  The set is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen and co-hosts Valerie Warner and Ryan Chiaverini are two of the most charming peeps in the business.  As a matter of fact, EVERYONE at Windy City Live is sooo nice!  It was a real delight to be on this special Father's Day show with Brittney and Jarrett Payton (who spoke lovingly about their father, "Sweetness"), author Chris Gardner with his daughter Jacintha and Chris Jr., comedian Jeff Ross and soulful singer Natasha Bedingfield.  It was an overflow audience which shows the popularity this show is building.  Thanks to The Joffrey Ballet and Executive Director Christopher Clinton Conway, I was also able to give the audience tickets to their upcoming fall season. 

I was on an early AM Chicago show with Oprah when she started out and she didn't do so badly.  Maybe I will be a good luck charm for this show too!   WCL is going places and I am happy to say "I was there"!  Check out the link from my appearance and let me know what you think! 


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  • Nicely done Candace! Congrats!

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