Mayor Daley's VIP Lovefest at Paris Club

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A who's who of 300 Chicagoans gathered together on Thursday, April 14rh, at the very first celebration in honor of Chicago's longest-serving Mayor, Richard M. Daley, at RJ and Jerrod Melman's new French restaurant, Paris Club.  The "I Love Mayor Daley" event, hosted by Walter E. Smithe brothers Tim, Mark and Walter--in conjunction with Lettuce Entertain You restaurateurs RJ and Jerrod Melman, attracted some of Chicago's most well-known faces including Bear's Richard Dent and Otis Wilson, Secretary of State Jesse White, Mad Men star Joel Murray, Eric and Kathy (Fergusan and Hart), NBC's Larry Wert, Joe Ahern, Ryan Baker, Alison Rosati, Rob Johnson, Anna Davlantes, Elysian's Joe Aguilera, Bob Sirott, Richard Gamble, Jim Roche, reality star Laura Baron, Natalie Martinez, Andrea Metcalf, Terry Newman, Steve Lombardo, WGN TV's Marissa Rudman and Marty Wilke, Susanna Negovan and Dan Uslan to name a few. 

Guests sipped on "Daley Double" specialty drinks and signed a giant thank you card and then topped off the night singing a rock and roll rendition of "My Kind of Town" in honor of Daley, created by Poi Dog Pondering lead singer Frank Orrall and Tim Smithe (led by crooner Johnny Vincent).  Mayor Daley gave a heartfelt speech and Tim Smithe remarked, "I miss him already."  I do too......(Fab fotos by Mila Samokhina).

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  • I'm glad Dickie got a fun farewell party, unfortunately he isn't leaving the city in anywhere near as good a shape. After his huge business errors of selling off the parking meters, the Skyway and the trucks for hire fiasco, he skulks off into the night like a terrorist ... which he is after his Midnight bulldozing of Meigs Field.

    Good riddance, Dickie, you may have been mayor like you daddy, but you were never the Boss like he was.

  • In reply to tkallev:

    You wish. If anything, he was more powerful than his father - controlling Chicago for three decades with full corporate backing that his father never had.

    What an awful analysis of his reign.

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