Chicago's First Red Dress Party Sizzles! (PICS!)

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Over 300 people came out to support Chicago's First Red Dress Party benefitting the Aids Foundation of Chicago and the Equality Project.  This party began in the 1990's when two gentlemen who were dating discovered they had both contracted HIV/AIDS.  They swore to one another they would each wear red to their partner's funeral. From this promise the concept of the Red Dress Party began.  Currently, there are Red Dress parties all over the U.S. from Seattle, Washington to Chicago.

This event, produced by Kyler Powell (who is also Board President), included performances by the longest reigning dance club queen, Kristine W., as well as Miss Lucy Foozie who charmed everyone in the crowd with her boundless enthusiasm.  I was privileged to be a co-chair along with NBC's Marcus Riley.  It was a lovefest on every level and the outfits ranged from simple to the sublime.  Ace PR guru, Ryan Beshel, promoted this event in every corner of the city and his hard work paid off with a huge crowd for this inaugural event! 

The VIP room rocked with the Eyelash Guru to the stars--Ja' Maal Buster, Project Runway's Peach Carr, Sequin's Frances Renk, 2520's Carol Ann Edwards-Nasser and Monique Pieron, Katie and Jason McClenaghan, Todd Armbruster, Julie Darling, Elizabeth and Joel Brodsky,'s Bill Pritchard, Maria Noll, Jovie Calma (Via Times News Magazine), Marco Foster, Nicole Townsend, Dali Do' Mystique, Aleah Burks-Patterson, Doreen Joy, Elizaveta Efimova, Alexander DeHilster, designer Brian K. Osburn, Justin Jacobson, Rachel Schwanz, Peter Dreier, Quenten Schumacher, Keisha Kay West, Taneisha Jordan, Alia Kajput, Mark Nagel, Michael Mullen, Erica Kimble, David McMillan, Andre Pellebon,Tory Karnoff, Drew Nixon, Lisa Nigro, Sue Yan and Kiran Advani among many others. (Fab Fotos by Mila Samokhina, Steve Starr and Amie Hana)

Next year's event is scheduled for Saturday, April 21st, 2012, so mark your calendars!  What to wear?  What to wear?  ( , (

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  • There's really only one Red Dress Party. In Portland. This Chicago version misses the entire point of the event - right down to the name. It's not a Red Dress Party if everyone isn't wearing a red dress. Visit to see the real deal.

  • I wish we were all as free loving hippie enthusiast as Portland. Since that is likely to never happen we'll all just bow in awe of your superiority.

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