Designer Borris Powell Introduces Winning Oscar Dress to Chicago!

Borris dress DSC07038.JPG

Designer Borris Powell brings the "Black Swan" back to Chicago.

Everyone was waiting in anticipation.....  I've never seen such a bank of photographers and press people outside of NY Fashion Week but this was the scene at top Chicago designer Borris Powell's first fashion show since winning the Oscar's Designer Challenge 2011"!  I was privileged to go backstage before the show to interview Borris.  (It was my first taping for "Social Circles" which I will be co-hosting with Julee White...details, of course, to follow!)  Anway, there it was.....

the winning gown...BLACK SWAN along with its cousin EVIL SWAN.  Both gowns were breathtaking in black with feathers and intricate beading.  The winning entry, Black Swan, was to the floor...Evil Swan was shorter in front with a sweeping train in the back.  I couldn't decide which one I loved more!  When I asked him what the feathers were, he wisely said, "Borris feathers, of course!"  You couldn't be happier for a guy as sweet as Borris to be winning all of this national and international attention for his prize winning creations.  He had a standing room only crowd for this show that also included designers Jenny Dombroski from EvLove Intimates and Ariel Simone from Adrienne Yancy.  The beautiful jewelry was by Paoo and the show was produced by Rose Mandel of Mandel Productions.  There was also a raffle which was one by the always adorable Dr. Stacie McClane!  She won a replica of the BLACK SWAN!!!  I was so jealous and happy for her all at the same time!!!  The beautiful emcee for the evening was Vince Vaughn's mom, Shea Vaughn, who is also a top fitness trainer around town.  I am so thrilled for Borris...who had a secret up his sleeve when I interviewed him....stay tuned for a Menswear Collection in the fall/winter of 2012....Oh, the places he'll go......GOOD LUCK BORRIS!!!

(Additional photos courtesy of Steve Starr and Daniel Tomei of Tutto Bene Photography)  (For extended coverage, please visit

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