Best (Worst) Video of Japan's Tsunami


The most compelling video I've seen of this disaster.

This video was posted by cameraman, James MacWhyte, and although he didn't tape this footage, he lives in Tokyo, 180 miles from the disaster zone.  This is what he had to say, "I want to show everyone the news media we are being presented with here in Japan.  I think it's quite different from what you see on CNN and other Western news outlets.  One thing about Japan--there are professional cameramen EVERYWHERE!  It reminds me of the Vietnam war, and how it was the first time the US got real-time, color footage of a war zone.  Since the quake, we've had lots of steady, HD video playing non-stop, showing you exactly what it would be like to witness the disaster first hand.  Watch it full-screen, and please share..."

Here is the link:

Too frightening for words....those poor people....

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