My Favorites of 2010

Mikey Mishlove.jpg

Mikey Mishlove strikes a buddha-like pose!

Christmas cards, that is!  Welcome to 2011 and I hope your New Year's Eve was all you had hoped it would be!  I received so many fantastic, beautiful, touching and creative cards this year.  I loved looking at all the family photos and how fast all of my friends' children are growing up.  They were so lovely I wished I could have framed them all and then I was inspired!  One of my very favorite websites is New York Social Diary by David Patrick Columbia and a week or so ago he published his favorite Christmas cards that he had received this year and it was an AH-HA moment as Oprah would say!  I hope he will be pleased with my sincerest form of's to you David and thanks for all of the inspiration you give to me and so many others!  Hope you enjoy this gallery of some of MY favorite holiday photos:


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