What do YOU Think about Hef and Crystal Harris' Engagement?

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Hefner and Crystal's 2010 Christmas e-card image.

I posted the news on Facebook shortly after I was told about Hef's Christmas Day engagement to December 2009 Playmate, Crystal Harris.  Hef is 84 and Crystal is 24.  Granted, this is quite a big age difference but I say if these two are happy with this announcement, why should some of the press and other people be so darn upset about it?  I received more comments on this post than any other posting in recent memory.  It got me thinking....so I am posing this question to you....What do YOU think about their engagement?

There's also a lot of talk about "poor" Holly Madison, Hef's former girlfriend and one of the original "Girls Next Door".  I know one of the reasons they broke up is because she wanted children...they tried and couldn't and she left.  She might miss Hef and be upset over this engagement but at least now she has a shot at having children of her own down the road. 



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  • As much as I like Hugh Hefner for everything he's done for our society, I really think he's gone off the deep end. You think the age difference isn't an issue? Come on. He's old enough to be her grandfather, heck, even her great-grandfather. I understand his playboy mentality, and understand the need to keep up appearances for the sake of the magazine and Playboy empire, but this is a little much. And I do feel bad for Holly Madison. First Hugh says he doesn't want to get married then goes off and gets engaged. I'd feel a little slighted.

    Needless to say I stopped my subscription a while ago.

  • This is pathetic. What kind of message does this send to young women? The message is telling young girls from deprived backgrounds to become gold diggers and go after old men.

  • LOL!!! Well, I'm jealous. She's adorable. Other than that, I have no dog in this fight - she's one more woman I'll never go to bed with. Good for Hef.

    Young women have always been attracted to wealth, power, glamour, notoriety. Old men have always been attracted to young women. Welcome to Human 101.

  • In reply to kgummy:

    LOL. He could be her great grandfather. She better get ready for the diaper years!

  • In reply to kgummy:

    Do you really believe this? This is a publicity stunt. Hugh keeps getting married to young hot blonds for people like you to say "How does he do it". These women never get anything when they are divorced but the fame for a career. Well look at the "Girls next door" today. They all want families and nothing to do with Playboy today. With or without Viagra, I'm sure Hugh can't even get it up.

  • In reply to kgummy:

    Like I said she better get a good supply of huggies!,

  • In reply to kgummy:

    I met Crystal last year at a Playboy function in Las Vegas and thought she was incredibly sweet. I do feel bad for Holly Madison, though.

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