My Playboy Memories of Hef & his Loves from the Past Decade (Christmas Cards & Pics)

Hef's Christmas Card 2008-Shannon twins by Ruth Cruz.jpg

Hef's 2008 Christmas card with the Shannon twins. (Pic by Ruth Cruz)

All of this hoopla over Hef's engagement got me thinking about his past loves so I went back through my Christmas cards from him to see who he's featured throughout the years.  These cards have been a chronicle of his life and loves and I've saved many of them.  They bring big bucks on Ebay but I'll never sell mine.  They have always been beautiful, oversized and gilded until this year when I received my first e-card from him.  A sign of the times, progress?  I don't think so but it is what it is....sigh.....

A walk down memory lane with Hef..... 


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