Oprah Winfrey and Chilli Pepper: A Tale of Two Icons and Me!

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Dining with Oprah Winfrey and Chilli Pepper at Chicago Cut Steakhouse!

The bash of the Titans occurred last night at Chicago Cut Steakhouse when global icon Oprah Winfrey dined with another icon and long-time friend, Chilli Pepper.  Chilli is a top female impersonator at the Baton Show Lounge and has been friends with Oprah for over 30 years.  Oprah invited Chilli and friends to dinner before she leaves town for three months.  Chilli came so laden with gifts, which is so Chilli-like, that Oprah asked, "What are these for, I'm not leaving town YET?!"

It was so very sweet and Oprah was thrilled with the African mask, a book filled with early photos of her with various bold-faced names such as Mayor Daley, former Mayor Harold Washington and Tom Cruise among others as well as an antique bronze slave bell.  Then Oprah looked at me sitting at the next table and invited ME to join them!  I was beyond thrilled and she couldn't have been more gracious taking photo after photo with all of us.  Friends at the table included her Chief-of-Staff Libby Moore, hairdresser Andre Walker, Robert Eisenberg and Cole Stolman.  Her favorite dish "in years" was the crabmeat and avocado appetizer. 

I sure will miss having this generous, talented and kind-hearted person living and working in Chicago!  Hopefully, she will come back for lots of visits with her old friends like Chilli!...And by the way, the wide-mouth pics of me wasn't my idea.  Oprah said, "Everybody say hey" and, apparently, I was the only one who obeyed!

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