Common Threads Premiere's "Paint Your Plate" Documentary at Gene Siskel Film Center


Documentary director/producer Charise Studesville, Jesus Salguiero, Linda Novick O'Keefe and Chef Art Smith.

The Gene Siskel Film Center was packed recently with Common Threads friends and supporters to premiere their new documentary "Paint Your Plate."  This hour long documentary showcased the importance of educating children about healthy eating and exposes today's unfortunate but common realities: the prevalence of food deserts, overeating, lack of exercise and resulting obesity among our nation's youth.

Common Threads founders, Chef Art Smith and Jesus Salguiero, were in attendance as well as the film's director, Charise Studesville, and the executive producer, Linda Novick O'Keefe, who is also the Executive Director of Common Threads. 

Lots of Small Threads were there too serving appetizers including a star of the show, Jai, and her mom LaVonnya.  Their stories were riveting and inspirational.

After the film, there was a Q & A conducted by ABC's Linda Yu.  Speakers included filmmaker, Charise Studesville, Chef Art, Linda O'Keefe, John Cosgriff (VP of Strategy and Innovation, UnitedHealthCare), Mari Gallagher (Prez of Mari Gallagher Research and Consulting Group) and Chef Domenica Catelli (author and restaurateur).

Congratulations to Common Threads on your first, fabulous documentary!  This will be a great way to spread the message of this amazing organization who helps kids one healthy plate at a time...:-) 

For more info about this remarkable organization, please visit and to find out more about "Paint Your Plate" and filmmaker Charise Studesville please visit

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