Jennifer Hudson Performs for Michigan Avenue Magazine's 2nd Anniversary Party!


The House of Blues last night before Jennifer Hudson's appearance.

The House of Blues was literally packed to the rafters last night when Michigan Avenue Magazine celebrated their 2nd anniversary in grand style.  Their September cover girl, Jennifer Hudson, made an appearance and performed.  She looked stunningly gorgeous and so slim!  As one friend put it, "After tonight, Weight Watcher's stock is going through the roof."  She is, as you may know, a spokeswoman for Weight Watcher's and boy did it ever work for her!

Her voice was in grand form too and all thoughts of Whitney Houston vanished when she sang "I Will Always Love You."  The crowd was in awe...her voice was so pure and clear that it gave you goosebumps.  She sang two more songs including "I Tell You I'm Not Going" to a rapt audience.

Then Mich Mag's Susanna Negovan, Dan Uslan and Jason Binn said a few words as a huge birthday cake was rolled out.  Jennifer and Jason cut the cake while banks of photographers snapped away.

Most people left right after Hudson sang but some of us stayed to dance to the hot band "Josh and the Empty Pockets".....what a night!

Happy Birthday Mich Mag and welcome home Jennifer! 



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