First Annual "Inspiring Chicagoans" Awards


"Inspiring Chicagoans 2010" honorees with sponsor Charles Ifergan at the Dana Hotel.

The first annual "Inspiring Chicagoans" awards were presented by TCW Magazine, Charles Ifergan Salons and Grace PR at the Dana Hotel recently.  All of the honorees excude self-confidence and inspire others to strive to better themselves from the inside out, from overall health, fitness or style, to mentorship, charitable work and entrepreneurial edge.  These lucky ladies included Lindsay Avner, Sarah Beardsley, Karyn Calabrese, Sylvia Friedman, Melissa Gamble, Jenn Gibbons, Sarah Levy, Andrea Metcalf, Maggie Morgan, Stephanie Neely, Angela Rose, Marion Simon, Deirdre Joy Smith, Veronica Sullivan, Marisa Swystun, Kelli Zink, Ashley Zisook, Jessica Zweig and moi!  Honored co-host was Chloe Ifergan.  (Pics by Caitlin Saville).

Congrats to all of these women who are pursuing and achieving their goals in such an inspiring way.  (,


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