Chef Art Smith Racks up Another Fitness First!

Art DSC05226.JPG

Chef Art Smith loses 90 pounds, finishes the Chicago Marathon in 4 hours and 32 minutes and celebrates with friends at Hub 51 afterwards!

Chef Art Smith has added another notch in his road-to-fitness belt by finishing the Chicago Marathon in the top third of a record field of over 38,000 at 4 hours, 32 minutes!  For a guy who has recently lost 90 pounds and was never into fitness before, this is an amazing feat!  Heck, for anyone to finish this 26.2 mile run is an achievement in and of itself so to celebrate, Art invited a few friends to Hub 51 for a "Big Ass Burger Bash" afterwards. Owner AJ Melman was there to greet friends and fans and it was a very happy group indeed.  Art said he felt great about it and his life partner, Jesus Salguiero, was proudly wearing his ribbon around his neck.  I also asked Art if he ran with earplugs and music and he said, "No my trainer, Az Ferguson, wouldn't let me."  I assumed this was so he could focus, but noooo---it was so Az wouldn't have to carry them when Art got tired!  Too cute!  

Congrats to Chef Art and to all of those other hardworking runners for their remarkable endurance and dedication!

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