Chef Art Smith Cooks for the Dalai Lama!

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Our own Chef Art Smith meets and cooks for the Dalai Lama in Toronto at The Canadian Tibetan Center.

And fulfilled a life-long dream!  Acclaimed Chef Art Smith was invited by His Holiness The Dalai Lama to cook this past weekend in Toronto for his VIP guests at a luncheon hosted by The Canadian Tibetan Center.  Chef Art took his husband/artist Jesus Salgueiro, Table 52 Executive Chef de Cuisine Rey Villalobos, Naushab Ahmed (Allen Brothers Special Events Executive and at Home With Chef Art Smith Events), Connie Pikalus (Oprah Show stylist), Chef Tal Ronnen (famed Vegan Chef to Oprah Winfrey) and Mrs. Bob "Mayari" Pritzker with him on the trip.

Art personally served the Dalai Lama (privately in his room) Southern Fried Vegan Chicken with Local Greens and Apple Cobbler with Buttery Short Crust, Whipped Cream and Candied Spiced Pecans.

The guests at the Harmony VIP Luncheon at the Canadian Tibetan Center loved the southern influence and loved the fact that the whole meal was vegetarian. Art's team bought all local vegetables and fruits for the luncheon.

His Holiness spoke of friendship, and how friends who are with you through troubling times are precious and rare.

We are so proud and happy for you Chef Art! I consider the Dalai Lama to be very lucky to sample your cuisine!


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  • Funny, I was just reading about the Dalai Lama in VegNews. The vegan chicken looks incredibly yummy!

  • What? The Dalai Lama did not request to have meat? Once on a visit to Wisconsin, he admonished the hosts for providing vegan fare only, and they cooked him his favorite meat, veal. He cited his reason for eating meat on his recovering health. Of course, famous vegan Paul McCartney wasn't happy about this and wrote a letter to his holiness. The Dalai Lama is a big meat eater, contravening the rule of Mahayana Buddhists to shun the eating of any sort of meat. Of course we know many of his books are actually written by others. The Dalai Lama is a fake.

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