Chicagoans at Play in the Mountains of Santa Fe

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Chicagoans fly fishing at Corkin's Lodge in Northern New Mexico.

Corkin's Lodge is nestled at the foot of the Brazos Cliffs in the San Juan Mountains of Northern New Mexico.  It covers 700 acres of paradise loaded with scenic vistas, unusual birds, moose,chipmunks, wild turkeys and deer so tame they eat right out of your hand!  At the invite of Chicago philanthropist and dear friend, Jan Melk, a group of us had the opportunity to experience this beautiful country first hand.

Invitees included Leslie Hindman, Helen Melchior, Katherine Porter Veach, Michel Desjardins, Pierre Desy, Margaret O'Connor, Michael O'Meara, Chopping Block's Shelley Young, Sara Myers, Julie and Randy Richardson, Deb Walters and Melinda Jakovich.  Dawn Mattozzi and Chef John McVey made sure everyone had fabulous meals every evening and there was even a couple of marshmallow roasts around the bonfire with a cute singing cowboy for entertainment!

I went fly fishing for the first time with Helen Melchior and our host, Jan Melk.  Another group visited another part of the Rio Brazos and we ALL caught (and released) fish!  Helen caught the largest rainbow trout at over 20 inches!

This rustic, 70 year old resort offers a variety of activities including river rafting, horseback riding, scenic tours, fly fishing, hiking, swimming and cross country skiing in the winter.

I had never been to this part of the country before but as Georgia O'Keefe said, "As soon as I saw New Mexico, I knew it was country.  The sky is different, the wind is different, the stars are different....I shouldn't say too much about this because other people will get interested and I don't want them to get interested."  Too late Georgia, I'm hooked!



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