Top Chef Art Smith & Jesus Salgueiro Tie the Knot in DC (Complete Photo Album of Their Magical Day!)

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Chef Art Smith and his longtime partner, artist Jesus Salgueiro, walk down the aisle to tie the knot in Washington DC this weekend.

It was a day filled with love, happiness and surprises from beginning to end at the wedding of Chef Art Smith and his longtime partner, artist Jesus Salgueiro, in Washington, DC this weekend.

It began with a morning run to the Lincoln Memorial from the Affinia's Liason Capitol Hill Hotel, which is also home to Chef Art's Art & Soul Restaurant.  Around 400 friends, in their Nike shoes and shorts, supplied ahead of time by Art and Jesus, ran, walked and strolled a route which took them past the Capitol, the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial.  On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Art, Jesus and Art's mom Addie Mae Smith, gathered to hear an inspirational speech by Marianne Williamson.  She stressed the importance of equal rights and evoked the names of Washington and Lincoln and how the Constitution stresses rights for all and not just for some.  Then she joined Art and Jesus' hands together in prayer.  A duo of violinists, which included Chicagoan Marisa Molinaro,  played in the background.

That afternoon, after the run, the wedding ceremony took place in Art & Soul Restaurant presided over by Marianne Williamson.  The couple, dressed in identical military jackets, slacks and tennis shoes, walked down the aisle in front of adoring friends including fellow Oprah alum, Nate Berkus.  Their vows, which I will include in full on, moved the crowd to tears.  After, an Allen Brothers Star BBQ & Fried Chicken Reception took place.  The food, as you can imagine, was out of this world! 

That evening, beginning at 6 PM, the rooftop pool party commenced.  There was more delicious food and DJ Eric Jones had the crowd dancing to his hot mixes.  He turned over DJ duties when world famous DJ, Moby, arrived to wild applause.  Chef Art did an Olympic dive into the pool and then Jesus surprised him with a dance of his own removing his white Indian tunic to reveal a tiny little leopard swimsuit.  It was too sweet for words....

I hope they have a lifetime filled with love, health and happiness.  It was an honor to be there....And now, let the photos tell you the whole story...

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  • I have had the opportunity to work with many partners having commitment ceremonies. They are just as meaningful and special. How wonderful to see this! I hope to see many more stories like this in my lifetime.

    Mitchell Ray

  • Sick Puppy's ! Washington and Lincoln Would Roll Over In There Graves If They Saw These Two Butt Plugs On There Steps. Get Really !

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