Hang in there Hef!



Hef roller skating scan0051.jpg

Roller skating with Hef at the Playmate Reunion Party at the L.A. Mansion in September 1979.

In response to all of the latest hoopla about Hef taking the Playboy brand private, here is a message to Marc Bell, of FriendFinder Networks, Inc., owner of the Penthouse adult entertainment franchise.  I've been involved with Playboy for a loooong time and if Marc Bell was the last man on earth, Hef would NOT want to sell Playboy to him!  Penthouse and Playboy have been rivals as long as I can remember.  I even remember the Great Pubic Hair Wars of the 70's when Penthouse edged ahead a little in sales until Playboy's "girl next door" pinup style won out.  It has been a Playmate versus Pet battle ever since.  I wish him the best of luck.  Even though Bell says he would "allow Hef to stay in the Mansion", I'm sure Hef remembers Penthouse's Bob Guccione being tossed out onto the street.  I want Hef to stay in his rabbit hutch as long as he wants to!  The Playmates are rooting for you Hef! 

And now, a walk down Memory Lane....


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  • candace you look as good now, i gotta say your eyes have it,wow..ok before i ask my question, i have another, the black & white photo of you, a giant rabbit, and another girl with dark hair, who is she? she has a face you should know if you get me, but going off that photo she is stunning, i would like to see if she has stayed as attractive as you have, and i forgot to mention that smile and i suppose you have a good body ( cant take my eyes off ya) im glad im here in manchester (england) because im getting a little exited,ha ha...right my question is, i wonder why hef seems to carry on what he started years ago and he even looks old in those pictures , he could pass it off then but im sorry he looks like a sad withered old man clinging to an image he created with money which is doing no harm, but to me it its like watching your grandad make a fool of his self only hef has money to achieve it..im not a pillock bible basher or monogomous (if its the right mono word) i just cant see it being like that for 5 minutes without the dollar and i know you genuinely like him, but im available now candace, so if i get a rabbit suit and 20 ciggs, will you and the brunette come to my town house in manchester and stay with me for a while? hef wont miss you, probably cant even see you ha ha..ok i give up, but i would love a picture of you, not an old one, as you look now, pure class! or both (sorry), would you email one to me please? i hope your not precious about things like that because it is a big compliment intended and you would make a very happy man happier..i dont do this EVER, 1st time and probably the last but i had to ask or i would have been miserable not trying..i could give my address if you would like to post a photo, i will look forward to a reply but its fine if your too busy for an english reluctant genius in art/music..bless, take care, and dont judge me too harshly please..terry.

  • ps forgive me, again...i just remembered who the dark haired girl reminds me of candace..are you familliar with the music of leonard cohen? well anyway he has a album from the 70's called "death of a ladies man" and the cover art is leonard sat between two girls in a bar, or diner, and your dark haired friend is the double of one of the girls..(phil spector produced the album)..ta ra.

  • Hi Terry! First of all, thanks so much for commenting! And thanks also for your nice personal comments....the dark haired girl is Playmate Sylvie Garant. She is still just as beautiful. I just worked with her at a recent Glamourcon, which is a Playmate and Pinup Show. The next one will be in Long Beach, Calif. on Nov. 5-6th...I would be happy to send you a pic or email you one, just send me your info at Candace@CandidCandace.com.......And thanks again for taking the time to write....it's much appreciated. And yes, Hef is gaining in years but it doesn't change who he is and always has been. He's a man who changed the way the world looks at things and was an early champion of some legendary writers. That ain't a bad legacy....So he enjoys the younger ladies....he's entitled and they're willing....:-) All good and not for me to judge....:-)))))

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