Real Housewives of New York's Alex McCord in Chicago for Book Signing and FUN!


With "Real Housewives of NY's Alex McCord and her hubby, Simon Van Kempen, at Perennial Restaurant in Old Town, Chicago.

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with Real Housewife of New York, Alex McCord, and her supportive and loving hubby, Simon Van Kempen.  They were in town promoting their first book, "Little Kids, Big City" which Alex describes as "a labor of love between Simon and me."  She said, "We came to parenthood from the perspective of never wanting to have children.  We changed our minds and were delighted to find that one doesn't actually turn into a different person when in charge of bringing up minors."  The book is a delightful account of their trials and triumphs as parents with amazing photos of their family and love life. 

I met Alex in August 2009 when she was in town to promote the upscale consignment store, Second Time Around (823 W. Armitage). 

My first thought was how delicate and pretty she was in person but what impressed me the most, and still does, is her graciousness and compassion for all around her.  I also had the privilege of spending time with her in NY during Fashion Week that year.  I had casually emailed her after the store opening, since my hubby and I were going to NY for fun, to see if anything was happening while we were there. She invited us to come to her friend's fashion show in Chelsea.  Not only were we in the front row but she included me in every photo that the photogs clearly wanted to take only of her.  I don't know many people, celebs or not, who would share that kind of spotlight.  She was a sheer delight. 

Last weekend, we took them to dinner at our favorite Old Town Restaurant, Perennial (1800 N. Lincoln) where Chef Ryan Poli was busy cooking in Washington, DC for the First Family!  They both loved the restaurant and we had a great time.  

After, we went to the late show at another favorite spot in town, The Baton Show Lounge. (436 N. Clark)   The showgirls and the crowd went wild and everyone was thrilled to have them there.   It was a memorable night. 

I've watched "Real Housewives of NY" as well as other similar shows and I can tell you this for certain--Alex is the real phoney baloney, nut job egotist like the others.  She wins hands-down as my favorite Housewife!


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