Pottery Barn Opening Benefits Parkways Foundation


Tina Rayyan, Devon Mosley, Jonathan Johnson, Jenny Berg, Melissa Maynard, and Chris Sofka.

My husband laughed when I told him I was going to be a host for the Pottery Barn opening this week.  He wasn't laughing after he picked me up at 8 PM and the place was jammed to the rafters!  And even though the night was freezing and windy, it didn't stop the crowds from coming to check out this latest Lincoln Park offering.   Chef Guy Meikle from Jon Wool's Finesse Cuisine prepared mouth watering appetizers that were displayed on enticing and unique tabletops around the expansive space.  There was even a terrific jazz band playing throughout the evening, Stitely.  Something beautiful was around every corner and all of it was available for takeout except for the custom pieces.  A check for $5000 was presented to the Parkways Foundation which was a beneficiary of the opening party.  Everyone was there....see for yourself!  (Photos by Caitlin Saville.)


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