Chicago Florist is Stylist to the Stars!

Vanessa and Robert gonzalez5.jpg

Vanessa Williams and Robert Gonzalez. (Photo by Mike Ruiz)

I became aware of Robert Gonzalez a few birthdays ago one day in May when a massive floral arrangement was brought into Gibson's by TWO people as a gift from Chili Pepper.  They were the most beautiful and creative flowers I had ever seen in my life.  I discovered that Robert was already quite famous having done flowers for the one and only Oprah!  He began at age 14 in Venezuela with his own party planning business doing birthdays for friends.  He spent time in a flower shop behind his house where he honed his skills in floral design.  After he moved to the States and impressed Oprah with his skills, other celebrities followed.   He has created arrangements for Jennifer Hudson, Barbara Walters, Shania Twain and President Obama. 


This new life in fashion began when world famous photographer, Mike Ruiz ( approached him to create some floral head pieces for his photo shoot with Vanessa Williams.  As you can imagine from seeing these photos, he has now become a much sought after florist/stylist for fashion designers and photographers who want to incorporate unusual flowers into their ad campaigns and runway shows.   He says the process takes two to three days from sketching the idea to working with the hair stylist to place the pieces. (Roberto Morelli was the hair stylist for this shoot and also did the beautiful makeup.) 


In addition to being an ace designer, he is also an ace body builder and started going to the gym at age 14.  He entered his first body building show at 30 and is training for his next show in 2010.  His looks as well as his skills have definitely been an asset since he is now in talks for his own reality show that will go behind the scenes of celebrity floral fashion shoots and will teach viewers the fine art of horticulture.   As he laughingly says, "I aim to give new definition to the words flower power!"  We wish you all the best Robert!   Your creations are truly innovative, unique and one-of-a-kind...just like YOU!  I have a feeling we are going to be hearing a LOT more from Robert!  ( and  )


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  • Love the article and photos. What an artist. Not only the florist but the makeup team and photographer. They all came together and what a result. I am very impressed . Thank you for such a beautiful coverage.

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