Inside A Playboy Photo Shoot

This was a walk down memory lane for me.  We hosted a Playboy photo shoot in our home and it was sooooo much fun!  Jenna, a gorgeous 24 year old model, had flown in that day from Pittsburgh and had a body that looked like she was an Avatar! It was beyond perfect, 34D-25-35.  Her 7 hour photo shoot was for the Special Editions for Playboy which included "Book of Lingerie", "Hot Housewives" and an issue entitled "Vixens." 

Look below the photos for the rest of the story about the shoot.
Her taped video, which followed the shoot, was for
 which was hosted by an equally gorgeous model, Chernise.  It was
pretty raw and honest and I know the Playboy fans will be enthralled....I
learned a thing or two as well from listening in! She was asked
questions like, "what do you like in a man", "what turns you on" and
more in-depth questions that will be more suitable for the website!
At 9 AM they started loading in the equipment, which was formidable,
and covered our entire foyer and living room.  Then my old friend, Pat
Tomlinson, the makeup artist/stylist, arrived with the was
so funny to see these itsy, bitsy, teensy, weensy pieces of fabric
"hauled in" was a riot!

The pieces were selected from places like
Forever 21 and a shop at the Water Tower called Wet Seal (on the 4th
floor) that had the BEST stuff for like $8 a piece.  Pat also buys
lingerie and shoes from other discount stores like Filene's and
Marshall's as well as Neiman's and Nordstrom's when they have a sale.

They set up the makeup station in my kitchen and the makeup case
consisted of lots of MAC cosmetics but the most interesting piece of
secret info was the body lotion used to make the models skin come
alive--it was Nivea's Silky Shimmer Lotion!  Take note girlfriends!   
Jenna came to this point by winning a Playboy sponsored golf tournament
called "The Girls of Golf."  The participants voted on the most
charming and attractive model and Jenna won.  So now here she is in our
kitchen with my husband Chuck trying to act like this was an everyday

She was very comfortable being nude and when she showed off
her necklace around her waist totally naked, I thought my friends, who
were here, were going to faint.  The stylist asked her to take off her
socks so there wouldn't be stress rings around her ankles and she was
given the cutest pair of Playboy houseshoes I've ever seen.

I was told
they often "disappeared" from shoots. And then, after a very slight
makeup touchup, Jenna and the photogs were off selecting backdrops for
their shots.
First shot was in our den.  There were 2 photographers, 2 assistants,
one makeup/stylist, one art director,  two models (Jenna and the
beautiful on-camera interviewer, Chernise, who had just tested for
Playmate herself) and another stylist, Maria Hagen, who had initially
contacted me. 

I had recently met Maria at a party and she had seen our
home featured in some magazines and since she knew I was a Playmate, it
was a natural fit. I had also known the makeup artist for over 30
years as well as the art director, whom I had done numerous shoots with
in the 70's, so it was old Playboy Home Week at the Jordan's!
Jenna's figure was so flawless that it was almost unbelievable.  She,
of course, took it all for granted as only a 24 year old could and said
in her taped interview that she never exercised.   She was very
professional in her poses and I saw incredible shots of her both in
real time and via the computer which they had brought which showed you
the results instantly (not like the old days). 

She was photographed on
our bed (they brought their own sheets)--and our antique headboard never
looked better than when Jenna was draped over it....and then our den! When she posed naked in my husband's favorite chair, our cozy sanctuary
was transformed into "Playboy After Dark." 

All the while, she was the
nicest person you could ever meet.  She showed me pics on her I-Phone
of her darling 3 year old daughter who she couldn't wait to get home
At one point, which I found particularly funny,  Jenna was in the
kitchen trying on all of these sexy wardrobe choices and I found all of
the guys in my foyer animatedly discussing the Blackhawks game.  Anyone
else would've killed to be in that kitchen observing but these guys had
something else on their minds!  Don't get me wrong, they were very
solicitous and professional but they had obviously seen it all before. 

Besides being photographed in our den, living room and bedroom, she was
also shot in our atrium looking out over the backyard (the natural
light was gorgeous).....this is when Chuck felt the need to do some
winter trimming and watering.....hey, he's only human! 

By the end of the
shoot, he was in his velvet smoking jacket....when he goes for the pipe,
I don't know what I'll do!  It was all so much fun and I was invited to
come and hang out in the Playboy photo studio whenever I wanted. 

never boring in the Playboy World, that's for sure!  Our next stop will
be New Year's Eve at the LA Mansion so stay tuned!!!

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  • Love it!
    "What did you do last week?"
    "Oh, nothing much: went grocery shopping, wrapped some presents, hosted a Playboy shoot with a perfect 10, watched the Blackhawks game... pretty average week."

  • In reply to laurenstrec:

    Oh Lauren! You're tooooo funny! I loved it! Thanks for the comment and for checking in! Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year's!!!! :-))))

  • In reply to laurenstrec:

    and I won't even get into what it's done for women... the "Playboy beauty standards" I mentioned previously. Only a handfull of Playboy models have gone on to real success or fame (Pam Anderson was one, but look where she is now, in real money troubles), and it's been said the original Playboy model Marilyn Monroe always regretted the photo shoot, she wanted to be taken seriously and never really was.

    I find it disgusting that these women have made this their goals. I would not be proud of my mother for doing nude pornographic photos, but thats just me, it's sad this nude model has a daughter. I would be proud if she used her brain and wanted respect. I am not sure how many Playboy fans still exist, but if you go by their stock performance, the company won't be around too long.

  • In reply to laurenstrec:

    Its my dream to pose for playboy,I was actually a painted lady for new years last year, i actually found the mansion number and called when i was 18 and asked how to be a painted lady, at the time you had to be 21 and I spoke to a gentleman named Hank and he said to contact him if i was still interested when i turned 21. So 3 weeks before my 21st birthday I emailed him, and I was so shocked he emailed me back and told me to come for new years eve party to be a painted lady, when i arrived i think i was in shock because i didnt say too much during the whole painting process. My goal was to speak to someone about becoming a cyber girl or pose in special editions. I never got that chance that night considering i was so busy handing out jello shots and dancing on stage and now I am back home in a small town Johnstown,PA and i have tried submitting photos and I have had no luck, being so far away is working against me. There isnt a day i dont think of my dream to pose for playboy, and it kills me that i may never get that chance. But Mark didnt select me this year to be painted for new years, I think i waited too long to contct him, but im not ready to give up yet on my dream.....Im sure this years new years party was amazing and you were truely lucky to attend. I actually saw you at the last years party, you were very pretty in person and seem like a wonderful women!

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