Oprah, Should She or Shouldn't She?



I have been on both sides of the Oprah "should she/shouldn't she" fence and I am now still firmly in the.......middle!  My first thoughts when I heard about Oprah closing down Michigan Avenue to film the premier show of her 24th season was GOOD FOR HER and US!  I had heard that she had Mayor Daley's blessings and that he actually encouraged her to do this to showcase Chicago to the world in our bid for the Olympics.  I thought boy, if anyone has a global reach, it's OPRAH!  And then as I began to read more about it, I realized it might not be such a great idea for the hapless citizens trying to get to much needed jobs in this shaky economy.  The CTA even has to change 15 bus routes to accommodate this plan.  And then when I thought more about it, I came to the conclusion that there are other great venues here where she could've both filmed her show with thousands of fans AND showed off our great city.  How about anywhere in the parks along the lakefront?  The skyline for a backdrop sure isn't shabby!  And also in our GORGEOUS Millenium Park that she even helped pay for would've been a great option (even though she did use it for last year's kick-off show).  The Mayor thinks this will be great publicity for the city and will, ultimately, bring more jobs to Chicago.  I hope he's right!


I'm not crazy--I certainly won't criticize Oprah OR Mayor Daley and besides, I think we are VERY lucky to have them both on our team!  I also remember what happened long ago to a reporter who got on her bad side....it wasn't pretty....so I am sure when this is all said and done, it will be a great feather in everyone's caps and hopefully, not too many people will have been inconvenienced.  Hey, after all, tickets for her shows are rarer than hen's teeth so at least this will give a LOT more people an opportunity to "attend an Oprah taping!"  J



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  • Still she shouldn't dye the Chicago river the color purple.

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    Oh goodness! Don't give her any more ideas!!!! Thanks for the comment Fausto!

  • I will go that extra mile. Mayor Daley's a bonehead and Oprah Winfrey an unchecked egomaniac for either one to think that shutting down Chicago's main street and most important transit bus thoroughfare and inconveniencing tens of thousands of people for two and a half days FOR A TALK SHOW EPISODE is acceptable. I have news for them both: it's not. Not at all, in any way, shape or form.

    I've though the mayor's been out of touch for a long time. But I'm really disappointed in Oprah for this needless stunt. All it is? Yet another ham-fisted attempt to showcase Chicago in advance of our equally needless Olympics bid. Pathetic.

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    Hey Mark! Thanks for taking the time to comment.....I am on the fence as my entry said but I sure don't like so many citizens being put out when we have an entire gorgeous city for her to film in.....but I also think the PR is great for Chicago. We have a world-class city and Oprah has the perfect platform.....sadly, being a Gemini, I see all sides.....it's a curse....:-)

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    Well I think it is a good ideas it's not going to stop anyone from getting where they have to be. I say people need to stop being disappointed about her filming her show on Michigan Ave. It's a one day event and instead of getting mad they show attend and make the best of it cause you only live once!:)

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    Hey Niki! I sure like your attitiude! This is the BEST comment so far! Stop complaining and make lemonade out of lemons! You go girl! :-) Thanks for commenting! CJ

  • Why didn't she just go all out and close down Lakeshore in front of Grant Park or maybe just setup camp right in the middle of the Circle interchange and close that all down. Oh that's right, even in Chicago, it's the motorists who matter, not the public transit riders, they can be inconvienced at will w/o repercussions. I also question why this takes 2.5 days and had to be done in a roadway at all. Ellen had her show downtown, no street closures. I'm sure Navy Pier would have rented her the whole place out, or there's always Grant Park.

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    Hi Chaun, this is what I suggested in my entry. I did think there might have been a better way for her to do this. I know Michigan Ave. is a highlight but we have LOADS of highlights in this ciity that wouldn't cause so many hardships on so many people. But then, as I said in Candid Candace, I can see both sides.....I do think this type of high-profile recognition, in the long run, will be good for Chicago--I only hope I live long enough to see these benefits! Have a great Labor Day! Candace :-)

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    I have watched Oprah since she "the early days" on WLS morning TV. Clearly she has grown older (not a put down) but not wiser. I don't see how she reconciles her outlandish stunt given her vast "love of her fellow man". Chicagoans rely on transportation to get to work. Closing the streets of a major thoroughfare to promote herself or the 2016 Olympics is shameful and self serving. Oprah, have you grown too big for your britches?

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    It seems like it doesn't matter what the best for the people of Chicago is, the decision to sacrifice the time and patience (sanity) of the people who live and work here not to mention the people who commute into the city to work. We don't count. This is is been made painfully clear.

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    I do think this could've been done differently with the same effect......I hope down the road, we will all be saying what a great idea this was!!! Hope you have a nice Labor Day! :-)

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    It only a one day event if they can block the streets off for the taste of chicago than what is wrong with a block party downtown! I never seen a block party downtown it is different and it will be fun!

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    Well i feel that chicago don't have alot of big events so this is something big for the windy city

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    Candace, I wonder if it wasn't her idea at all... and this is about the Chicago 2016 bid and her way to help. Now even if that's true, I'm not saying it's a good or bad thing... just curious.

    Would love for you to weigh in with your thoughts:

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    You know Craig--this was exactly my feelings.....and I can see both the good and bad in this like you.....I also don't think it's a coincidence that the timing for it is also so close to the Olympic committee making a decision....thanks so much for this comment and I hope you keep enjoying Candid Candace! Have a wonderful Labor Day too! :-)

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