Sunda was "Sports Central" Saturday Night!


A-Rod with my goddaughter Natalie Sager.

Every year around this time, my BFF from high school, Susie Sager, and her daughter, Natalie, make a mother/daughter trip to Chicago.  Chuck and I always try to take them to the latest hot spots.  So on this weekend we took them to Jerry Kleiner's 33 Club for dinner, cocktails at Roof at the Wit Hotel and dinner last night to Billy Dec's Sunda.  Well, it just happend to be sports stars night out and the place was jammed.  We were seated across from Derek Jeter, who is so cute you could hardly take your eyes off of him.  He politely declined a photo (as you know, I have my camera with me at ALL times) but offered to sign something for Natalie. 

Sadly, I didn't have anything for him to sign but when he left, he came over and shook hands all around--very classy gesture I thought.  Next up was Reggie Jackson--Mr. October.  I had met him in 1979 when I was shooting my centerfold for Playboy.  Don't ask me why he was roaming the halls back then.  Anyway, he was very sweet and posed for a pic with us.  When we went downstairs to the restroom, who would be there alone working on his Blackberry but A-Rod.  He kindly took a photo too but wisely tucked his arms behind his back so the photo wouldn't look too guy! 

Anyway, others at Sunda this evening included Jeremy Roenick (former Blackhawks great), Chris Getz (Sox 2nd baseman), Gordon Beckham (Sox 3rd baseman) and Mark Teixeira (Yankee's designated hitter).  The room was filled with testosterone and the young girls found lots of excuses to cruise the tables.  What a fun night!  Thanks for the memories Billy Dec!!  :-))))


Natalie, Reggie Jackson and me.



White Sox players Chris Getz, Gordon Beckham and friends with my friends Michelle, Sandy and Natalie.

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