Service Club of Chicago's "Day on the Terrace" Fashion Show at the Peninsula


With colorful designer, Yolanda Lorente.

35 years ago the Service Club of Chicago's "Day on the Terrace" fashion show was created by Hazel Barr as just a simple get together with members.  They packed a lunch and brought lemonade and as Hazel said, "just sat there."  Well, Hazel being Hazel knew this wasn't nearly exciting enough so the next step involved modeling around someone's pool at a gorgeous home in the suburbs. 

The event was growing by leaps and bounds and in 1999, Hazel was sitting in RL when in walked the Director of Catering for the Peninsula Hotel, Greg Hyder.  The hotel was just going up and Greg wanted Hazel to don a hard hat and come take a look.  She immediately zeroed in on the terrace and told Greg, I want to be the first one to have a fashion show there.  One of the owners was planning an installation of his art on the terrace but agreed to hold off until Hazel had her way.  On Monday, August 3rd, almost 300 guests made their yearly pilgrimage to the Peninsula to witness one of the best "Day on the Terrace" fashion shows and luncheons ever in their history. 

Thanks to the stage direction by Tracy Tarantino, gorgeous décor by Tom Kehoe (who has been their go-to floral guy from the very beginning), co-chair support by Sherry Valukas and Felicia Winiecki and the scrumptious menu from Greg Hyder, the event was perfect from beginning to end!  18 designers and retailers showed their incredible collections to wild applause.  Participants included J. Mendel, Maria Pinto, Ralph Lauren-Kids, Paul Stewart, Dismero, Escada, Luca Luca, Macy's 28 Shop, Loreta Corseti, Quinton D'Alexander, Sylwia, Yolanda Lorente, Contessa Bottega, 5plt, Elizabeth M. LuLu' at the Belle-Kay,  Neiman Marcus and Starr Couture.

Founded in 1890, The Service Club of Chicago is one of the oldest philanthropic organizations in the city.  Every single dollar it raises goes directly to local charities.  For more information, please go to .  (Extra event photos provided by Steve Starr and John McMahan.)

Bunky with kids  Photos by Steve Starr 142.JPG

Bunky Cushing with children in Ralph Lauren Kids wear..


Gown by Sylwia  August 3, 2009  Photos by Steve Starr 113.JPG

Cindy Mancillas in a gown by Sylwia

Cookie, Evie and Mamie  Photos by Steve Starr 016.JPG

Cookie Cohen, Evie Gleiberman and Mamie Walton.

Rebecca Besser on rynway7169280_n.jpg

Rebecca Besser wearing a hat by Loreta Corsetti.

Toni Canada on runway638_3681623_535812_n.jpg

Toni Canada wearing Luca Luca.

Sherrill Bodine  August 3, 2009  Photos by Steve Starr 249.JPG

Sherrill Bodine wearing Lulu's at the Belle-Kay escorted by Quentin Schumacher.

Group Outside Peninsula  2009  Photos by Steve Starr 347.JPG

Celebrating a triumphant "Day on the Terrace" with event founder, Hazel Barr.

Lynn and me on runway1626_6728269_n.jpg

With Lynn McMahan modeling for Yolanda Lorente.


Mary Lasky 2009  Photos by Steve Starr 236.JPG

Mary Lasky wearing a design by 5p1t


Tom Kehoe, the official floral designer for "Day on the Terrace."


Model member Rebecca Besser and her daughter Elena.

Peggy martay by Steve Starr 344.JPG

Service Club President Peggy Martay.


Gerri Shute, Kristina McGrath, Suzanne LeMignot and Toni Canada..


Tom Kehoe and Jean Antoniou.


Glamorous SC member Dusty Stemer.


With Telemundo star Tsi-tsi-ki Felix.


Mrs. Illinois--America 2009, Anji Meidel.


Charming chapeaux designer, Loreti Corsetti.

Sheryl and me August 3, 2009  Photos by Steve Starr 354.JPG

With Sheryl Dyer of Van Cleef and Arpels.


Escada's Ann Wallace and Laura Barnett.


David Brandt, Greg Hyder and Quentin Schumacher in Yolanda Lorente shawl...:-)


Sherry Valukas, Natasah Isaacs and Eva Jakucouski.


Cheryl Bollinger Mary Pat Burns and Yvette Cusack.


With beautiful twin sisters Connie and Cindy Burns....:-)


Kate Gaynor wearing chic outfit from Macy's 28 Shop.


With show producer and SC member, Tracy Tarantino, who wisely insisted on a rehearsal.

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