Playboy's Midsummer Night's Dream Party Draws a Crowd

Hef and GF's -opener6957824_600x338.jpg

Karissa and Kristina Shannon, Hef and Crystal Harris.

The invite read "SLEEPWEAR REQUIRED" so on Saturday night, August 8th, over 1000 guests showed up at Playboy Mansion West to party at Hef's biggest and best party of the year.  The Midsummer Night's Dream party always attracts the A crowd since it involves lots of gorgeous women in, what else, skimpy sleepwear.  And believe me, they get VERY creative!   Celebs, friends, family, athletes, Playmates and other gorgeous girls showed up to party with Hef.  Even his former girlfriend, Bridget Marquardt, was there with her beau in tow.  Among the lucky guests were Shaq, Jon Voight, Brody Jenner, Jayde Nicole, Aubree Connors, David Aminzadeh, Pauly Shore, Bill Mahr, Lacey Poppleton Gurr, George Maloof, Derek Hough, Shannon Elizabeth (from American Pie) and, of course, Hef's gorgeous girlfriends Karissa and Kristina Shannon and Crystal Harris.   The party started at 8 PM and many guests didn't leave until after 3 AM.  Academy Award winners Three 6 Mafia performed with Sean Kingston.  The invite stated "No Cameras Please" but come on, this is HEF! 



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Bridget Marquardt with the sexy Shannon twins.

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Three 6 Mafia performed with Sean Kingston.

522Jon Voight and Hef0_1134283770455_1628130918_333685_2948505_n.jpg

Jon Voight hangin' with Hef.

522Bridget and BF0_1134283810456_1628130918_333686_2181503_n.jpg

Bridget Marquardt having fun with her boyfriend.

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Shaq is in the house!

Thumbnail image for Brody Jenner-Jayde Nicole6957828_600x338.jpg

Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner

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Dancing to Three 6 Mafia and Sean Kingston.

522Geo. Malloof0_1134283290443_1628130918_333682_7642714_n.jpg

George Maloof, owner of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, with Hef and Bunny.

522Keith and Hef0_1134283890458_1628130918_333688_3774981_n.jpg

Best Brothers--Keith and Hef...:-)


Coveted invitation....

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