Playboy Playmates Dominate Glamourcon


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Playmate of the Year 1977, Patti McGuire Connors, with her namesake pinball machine's backplate.

Glamourcon is a convention celebrating the glamour arts and has every type and stripe of pinups from past and present as well as pinup art and photography.   This year at the Crowne Plaza O'Hare it was dominated by dozens of Playboy Playmates and especially a strong contingent from the 70's--the Golden Age of Playboy.  My fellow Playmates this year included Patti McGuire Connors (Playmate of the Year 1977) , Sondra Theodore (Hef's one-time girlfriend and Playmate for July 1977), Sylvie Garant (November 1979), Laura Lyons (former Jet Bunny on Hef's plane and Playmate for Feb. 1976), Janet Lupo (November 1975) and Monica Tidwell ( November 1977 who had an off-Broadway show called "Mind Game").


Among other Playmates attending were this year's Playmate of the Year Ida Ljungvist, Julie Cialini (Playmate of the Year 1995), DeDe Lind (August 1967) and Cathy St. George (August 1982).  There was also a mother/daughter set of Playmates; Gale Olson (August 1968) and her daughter Crystal McCahill (May 2009).  One of the original playmates after Marilyn Monroe, Dolores Del Monte (March 1954) was there too. This event had a lot of firsts and one of them was having the oldest attendee, Herbert Lakin, at 97 years of age.  One fan even brought the back plate from Hef's famous pinball machine for Patti and Sondra to sign!  Another fan. Larry Armstrong,  had the original copper plate of DeDe Lind's centerfold that he had bought on Ebay!  My friends from the 70's were all in a row and we had a blast.  It was so much fun to see so many fans who love and know the wonderful history of Playboy.  Thanks to Bob Schultz for keeping the dream alive via Glamourcon.  The next event will be in November in L.A.  Hope to see you all there! 


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Sylvie Garant, Patti Connors, me, Laura Lyons, Monica Tidwell, Janet Lupo and Dede Lind.




Summer Altice--Playmate of August 2000.



 Dolores Del Monte (March 1954). Hef bought her photo from the same calendar company as Marilyn Monroe's.

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Mother/daughter Playmates Crystal McCahill (May 2009) and Gale Olson (August 1968)


With Playmate of the Year for 2009, Ida Ljungvist.


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