Jerry Seinfeld's New Show Seeks Chicago Couples!


"The Marriage Ref" is NBC's new comedy created by Jerry Seinfeld and marks his return to prime time television. Since Jerry's been married for nine years now, he has created yet another show based on what he's up to and we have all been waiting.....Shed Media is coming to town this weekend, August 21-26th, looking for outgoing and opinionated married couples who have been fighting about the same stupid thing for years and want to have it finally resolved on national television by a panel of A-list celebrities and their very own Marriage Ref. Couples will find out live via satellite who was right and who was wrong. No problem is too small!  Whatever you argue about, they want to hear about it.  This is a pro-marriage, comedy show in a very family-friendly timeslot so don't worry about any Jerry Springer similarities.  Casting producer, Greg Fieser, said "We are looking for the FUNNY in everyday relationships and the couples have to be passionate about their argument." To find out more about the show, go to or .  Anyone interested in auditioning can also contact Greg Fieser directly at .    Let the games begin!  Good luck Chicago!


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