Is Harbor Country Getting too Crowded?



Is Harbor Country getting too crowded?  It certainly was on a very hot Saturday when Chuck, the Chihuahuas (Mickey and Rooney) and I took a little day trip there.  I've always loved Michigan and we always go for the "Celebration of Homes" benefitting the Heartland Alliance but this time was different.  It was so packed with every shape and form of human and animal that we were shaking our heads. 


My friend Caitlin Saville, who is also an awesome photographer, had suggested a little town called Buchanan.  The town was originally a mill town and was named after Senator James Buchanan who later became our 15th president.  Incorporated in 1858, the town now has a population of almost 5000 people.  The Buchanan Chamber of Commerce describes it as a "truly American hometown community" and we certainly could understand why.  It seemed as though every house had at least one American flag hanging from a doorway and sometimes two (one at the back door as well).  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't exactly Mayberry RFD but .



RFD but if you overlooked some of the depressed parts, you saw charming homes, clear lakes and farms growing cherries, peaches, pears, grapes, strawberries and raspberries.  Chuck and I even called about a lovely vintage brick home that was for sale out of curiosity.  It was priced at $234,00 (with four fireplaces) and across the street was an even bigger vintage home for $135,000. 


There is boating, golfing, numerous farmers markets, Tabor Hill Winery, Fernwood Botanical Garden and even in the throes of this credit crunch, there are new businesses opening up along Front Street.  The hottest one, owned by Jan Quinn, is called appropriately, Front, and carries the chicest things for the home.  I admired one of their oil paintings and was told a similar pair was purchased just last week by former Governor Jim Thompson.  Past Olympian, Jackson Scholz, who was immortalized in the film, "Chariots of Fire" was born here too.


Buchanan is less than 2 hours from Chicago's Loop and might be someplace to think about when you're craving unspoiled hometown originality.




Vintage brick home selling for $234, 000.


Charming gazebo next to the Buchanan Police Station.


Front, a chic boutique on, where else, Front Street!


One of the numerous small lakes in the area.

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