Chicago Now's Rooftop Launch


Chicago Now bloggers Jimmy Greenfield, Billy Dec, Cubbie Julie, me and Kevin O'Neil.

Chicago Now's official website launch was Monday, August 10th, but the rooftop launch party was Wednesday and it was my first time seeing a game from this unique vantage point.  I was so honored to be one of four bloggers invited and the best part was our live interview on WGN TV!  Fellow bloggers included Kevin O'Neil (CTA Tattler), Billy Dec (A Chicago Thing) and Miss Julie (A League of her Own).


Julie blogged live throughout the game and had to shield her eyes to type with one hand....huge kudos to Julie!  Wow!  At first, it was thrilling and then as the seats started filling up and the crowd turned testy over the seat shortage, we left.  And thank goodness we did--at least we didn't see the Cubbies get slaughtered.  Anyway, Chicago Now has 75 bloggers and is promoted as the "Huffington Post meets Facebook."  They have every manner of blogger and as the Chicago Tribune's editor of digital media, Bill Adee, said, "We think of it as online town square for the Chicago of right now."  I am thrilled to be a part of this august group and hope you all tune in early and often!!  Have you seen the game from a rooftop?  How did YOU like it?  I was a bit underwhelmed....:-(  Here are some scenes from the "top"......



View from the rooftop.




Chicago Now guru Jimmy Greenfield with his Blackberry AND computer hard at work.


Parties across 3 rooftops.


Being interviewed on WGN.


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  • hey Julie!! it was great meeting you too! So sorry to get back to you so late! I hope your eyes weren't sunburned from typing from the rooftop!!! Love your blog!!

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