On the set of Public Enemies

I remember last year around this time when they were filming Public Enemies a 1/2 block form my house in Old Town.  It was so exciting except for the inconvenience--no parking or drivng anywhere.  But the attention to detail was so amazing to see.  I watched as they meticulously covered up the fire hydrants with old vintage green mailboxes.  I even saw them gluing ivy to an old brownstone to add more charm...and then down by the Biograph they went so far as to add streetcar tracks!  But despite all of this, there are few recognizable scenes of Chicago in the movie--very disapppointing. 

Also, way too much tommy gun action and not enough personal interaction among the key players.  I give it 2 1/2 stars, not the 3 1/2 that Roger gave it.  Nonetheless, I have always loved Johnny Depp--even when he was playing over the top pirates he stayed true to the character and he's no different in this film,  Sexy, semi-sympathetic and passionate about his "work." 

Another thing I love about Depp is his lack of star-ness.  His longtime girlfriend is not trying to have triplets every year to stay on the front pages of the rag mags nor are they adopting more kids than seem natural for attention--just living in the French countryside with their 2 kids and working and playing together.  I adore him and believe he and his girlfriend, French actress Vanessa Paradis, make a perfect pair.  They have a home in Meudon, a Paris suburb, LA and Le-Plan-de-la-Tour, a delightful small town 1 1/2 hours outside of St. Tropez.  Nicholas Cage encouraged him to take up acting when he was a telemarketer for ink pens in 1984 and now his films have grossed over 2.2 billion in the US and 4.7 billion worldwide.  Clearly, I am not his only fan.....



Shooting on Wells St.


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