Hinckley Yachts are Tops!

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Marisa Bryce, Laura Wallace, Christine Ott, me, Cindy Burns, Kimberly Gleeson and Maralyn Owen aboard a Hinckley.

Saturday night Hinckley Yachts and Marsh co-hosted a party at the Chicago Yacht Club.  The weather was perfect and the 100+ crowd was dressed in their finest boating attire.  Kate Gaynor, VP of Marsh Private Client Services, gave a wonderful introduction and then Jim McManus, president and CEO of Hinckley, gave a marvelous presentation on the history of the company and why he's so passionate about their product. 

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were served and then we all went down to play in the boats.  They had 3 on display but my favorite was the T38R Convertible.  This runabout functioned just like a car....at the push of a button the top goes up.  It was very cool to see.  It was even more fun when Kate offered me the chance to take some friends out on the water.  We went for an hour and a half cruise and the city never looked more beautiful. 

Guests on the boat included Chrstine Ott, Marisa Bryce, Sheryl Dyer, Kate and Christina Peters.  Guests at the Yacht Club party included Vicky and Gary Holdren, Dr. Steven Stryker, Kimberly Gleeson, Cindy Burns, Laura Wallace, Ed Howlett, Alison Howlett, Josh Walters, Terrance and Tiffany Chappell, Nekesa Josey, Patrick Plante, Joey Majumdar, Brenda Sexton and Ken Cook among others.  Thanks for a lovely evening Hinckley!  Great pics are by Caitlin Saville.  :-)))

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Hinckley T38R Convertible in action.






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