"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Helps Urban Prep


"Potter People" at film premier.

"Harry Potter and the Half -Blood Prince" is a must-see!  I went to a premier on Wednesday that also benefitted the Urban Prep Academy.  If you're not familiar with Urban Prep, you should be.  Their mission is a noble one.  They provide urban youth, mostly young African-American boys, with a learning environment with the goal toward insuring that they all are prepared properly for college and morever, will graduate.  They have postive role models such as their dynamic president, Tim King---who played the role of high wizard at our Potter screening.   Co-host Richard Roeper introduced the film and Brenda Sexton was an event organizer.    (www.urbanprep.org)

This movie was my favorite, after Sorcerer's Stone.  All of the magic returned even though it had some dark turns.  There is a particularly deilightful scene at the Weasley twins' new store in Diagon Alley as well as budding romances all throughout.  Recent films seemed to try to depart from the premise that made these films so much fun to watch--seeing things you have never seen before!  Magic should abound and it has been woefully absent in the last couple of movies.  I am glad to report it is back in full force for the "Half- Blood Prince"!!! 

Last night, you might've seen the ABC hour long special called "A Year in the Life" based on J.K. Rowling.  I am a true blue fan and I didn't know half of the insights she shared last night.  For instance, she and Harry share the same birthday and the more she spoke, the more I realized she IS Harry Potter.  She based the stories almost completely on her own life experences....her childhood home even had a cupboard under the stairs.  She began writing the Potter books 6 months after her beloved mother died of MS.  She said, "the color drained out of life" which is why so many of the films have such a darkness to them.  Her depression inspired her creation of the dementors, "who sucked all good feelings out of you"  she said.

Rowling says her next work will be a political fairy tale.   She's also in talks for a Harry Potter Amusement Park  (wouldn't that be awesome!) and said she recieves 1500 letters a week (that's 75,000 a year!) and she tries to repond to them all.  She said her happiest memory is the birth of her children, MacKenzie and David, and marriage to Neil.  Her biggest regret was not speaking longer on the phone to her mother before she died. 

I highly recommend this movie and obviously loved it.  I would, however, suggest waiting to see it at the Imax Theatre in 3 D.  It will be here beginning July 29th.

Keep your wands close--dangerous times are ahead...... 


Urban Prep President, Tim King, with his wand at the ready!





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  • I want your life. To be brutal, to be Frank, I would have a sex change tom get it.

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    You are TOOOOO funny Brutally Frank! I must admit though, I feel very lucky! But you don't need a sex change---just read my posts at Chicago Now! :-)))))

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    Some of you may be a little behind in the Harry Potter series. Since it's about to release and be the biggest movie of the summer, a lot of people are looking for a Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince review for them not to be left behind. So far the consensus among the various Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince review pages is two hours of character development, with the last half hour being action packed. To some, it isn't worth payday loans and long lines. Still, the series is wildly popular, launching the careers of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, and making JK Rowling very wealthy. Many will lay down quick cash to see this new film, regardless of any negative Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

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    Hi Jessica and thanks for your comment! Obviously, I think this latest film is totally worth it!! BTW, I deleted the "spoiler"--since some movie-going fans might not be aware of this and that wouldn't be nice....

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    I was there too! Small world. I love Urban Prep, one of the best examples of what a charter school can do.

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    I am so sorry I'm so late getting back to you Anna! And yes, I totally agree.....Urban Prep is amazing and I was thrilled to learn more about it on this night....hope you enjoyed Potter too! CJ :-)

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