Couture & Cocktails Kick-Off Party Overflows at Neiman Marcus


Pamella DeVos of Pamella Roland designs.

Last night's Kick-Off Party for the Joffrey's Couture & Cocktails at Neiman Marcus was a blow-out!  250+ people turned out to meet our star designer for the September event, Pamella DeVos, of Pamella Roland designs.  Her pieces were exquisite and had the many Joffrey Women's Board members in attendance oohing and aahing.  There was informal modeling of her gorgeous designs and she took photos with everyone.

Then Neiman Marcus' GM, Wendy Krimmins, spoke and told us how happy they are with our collaboration and Tina Koegel, PR Director, echoed her sentiments.   Helen Melchior and I then thanked our sponsors, introduced Pamella and spoke about creating this event 4 years ago.  Now it has become Couture & Cocktails on steroids thanks to the generous sponsorship and support from the Palmer House--where the main event will be held on Friday, Sept. 25th.  This event will be unlike anything Chicago has ever seen before!!  We have the most exciting auction items too so be sure to check out our website for these updates and ticket info. or call Julia at (312) 386-8921.


Gorgeous Pamella Roland creations...


Co-chair Leslie Hindman, Chris Long and Lydia Alouf


Co-chair Sheryl Dyer and show producer, Lisa Maria McComb.


Joffrey WB members Chris Long, Liz Sharp and Lisa Malkin


Couture & Cocktails co-founders Helen Melchior and me.


Pamella with the dancers....


Sydney and Pamella DeVos with Executive Director Christopher Clinton Conway...


With Linda Johnson Rice and George Fuller.


Ellen Wesley, Martha Wallace and Sharyl Mackey.


Mary Ann Murphy, co-chair Rebecca Besser, Donna Kleinman, Robin Berger, Liz Ryan and Sophie Bross.


Kate and Leslie Zentner and Dori Wilson


Margie Habermann, Helen Melchior, Mauro Villanueva, Mary Ann Melchior and Marci Holzer.


Dapper Steve Kemble and friend.


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  • Candace, you look absolutely stunning. As always :)

  • In reply to Brandon:

    Hi Brandon! This is so sweet of you! By the time dinner came around my dress was in shreds.....:-( Thanks for coming and I hope to see you on Sept. 25th! :-)

  • Candace, You look great as always. It was fun, thanks

  • In reply to edwardhowlett:

    Hey Eddie!! Thanks so much! Love seeing you always!! :-))) CJ (your neighbor!)

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