Sugar Shines At Larry King Party!


Host Sugar Rautbord, Larry and Shawn King, and co-host Suzie Glickman

On Saturday evening, May 30th, socialite/author Sugar Rautbord hosted a party for Larry King and over150 friends and fans showed up.  To borrow a line from Mary Poppins, it was practically perfect in every way.  Every way, that is, except for the honoree who didn't seem so happy to be there. 


Larry was in town promoting his book, "My Incredible Journey" and attending the Cubs game, which might explain his lack of energy.  He's a big fan (of the Dodger's!) but he

still sang during the 7th inning stretch--go figure.  Anyway, it was an incredibly well attended party with even our possible future governor and current Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, in attendance. 


Sugar's impeccable party planning skills showed in every detail including the delightful cookies--one with a crown and one personalized with Larry on it.  I had a chance to meet his gorgeous wife Shawn, very tall, thin and very gracious and his two sons Chance (named for their chance meeting) and Cannon (named after the street they live on in Beverly Hills).  Larry King Jr. was there as well helping his father with the book signing.  (He was also a delight).


Other notables in attendance were novelist Scott Turow, biographers Bill Zehme and Carol Felsenthal, Rich and Martha Melman, former Bulls player Bill Cartwright, Victory Gardens' Dennis Zacek and Jan Kallish, Georgia and Jerry Fogelson, Arlene and Marshall Bennett, Paula and Alexis Fasseas, Lydia and Francois Alouf, Maria Smithburg, Ann Gerber, Dawn Miller, Elizabeth Goizueta, Thomas Monahan, Christina Gilberti, Suzie, Ross and Todd Glickman, Shia Kapos,  Traci Mansur, Suzanne LeMignot, Dr. Steve Stryker, Kim Gleason, Whitney and Jerry Lasky, Scott Bobek and many more. 


Overall, I think Sugar was the real highlight Saturday night!  Her life, her photos, friends and apartment all scored A+ in my there's the real story.  Proof positive is seen in her awesome Skrebneski portrait taken for Interview Magazine when Andy Warhol was editor! 


BTW, watch for lots more exciting parties and events coming up when dynamic co-host Suzie Glickman teams up with Sugar on a number of projects coming soon!!  (Additional photos by Mitchell Canoff)


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Larry with Attorney General Lisa Madigan. 




Former Chicago Bull, Bill Cartwright


Shia Kapos, Paula and Alexis Fasseas.jpg

Shia Kapos, Paula and Alexis Fasseas


CBS' Suzanne LeMignot.jpg 

CBS' Suzanne LeMignot

(Right to left) Dawn Miller, Sandra Reese and friend.jpg 

(Right to left) Dawn Miller, Sandra Reese and friend

Christina Ghilberti.jpg 

Christine Ghilberti

The BookStall of Winnetka sold 130 books this evening.jpg 

The BookStall of Winnetka sold 130 books this evening

Chance King.jpg 

Chance King

Larry King Jr. and me.jpg 

Larry King Jr. and me

Gorgeous guests.jpg 

Gorgeous Guests
Thomas Monahan, Elizabeth Goizueta and Christina Ghilberti.jpg 

Thomas Monahan, Elizabeth Goizueta and Christina Ghilberti

Sugar's fantastic Skrebneski portrait.jpg 

Sugar's fantastic Skrebneski portrait

Victory Garden's Dennis Zacek and Jan Kallish.jpg 

Victory Garden's Dennis Zacek and Jan Kallish

Happy together.jpg 

Happy Together




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  • It is my dream to appear on Larry King Live. Not sure what that says about me.

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    Hi Shari! It just says you're a woman with a lot to say!! I wish you could've been at the party!!! Thanks for commenting! Keep 'em comin' and have a great week!

    Candace :-))))

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    Lmao Hey Candance Where yea get that hair style at ? Sure Cuts . Great party at Sugars place.

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