Real Housewives of Chicago: Help me become one!

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I woke up Thursday morning, May 28th, to the most unusual emails.

"You've got to do it!", "You're our choice.", "Email them now!", "You'd be perfect for this!"....blah, blah, blah. Not until I opened up the newspaper did I understand what they were talking about

There in Bill Zwecker's column, in big bold headlines read, WILL OUR HOUSEWIVES PASS THE TEST.

Now I got it! I scanned the column--he always has the best scoops--and found what I was looking for ... the email for the production company, Towers Productions.

I immediately mailed in the prerequisite information they were requesting (name, age, photo, contact information and the area where I live) to be considered for the independent production of "Real Housewives of Chicago."

I loved the housewives of New York and even a fellow playmate, Jeana Tomasino, appeared on the housewives of Orange County so I figured what the heck? Becky Cattie is the casting director for this new show and she must really have her hands full.

She said, "the hope is to find women who could give this formula a new twist, showcasing a really unique group to represent the Midwest."  The production team is seeking "a dynamic group of ladies leading extraordinary lives--modern housewives who juggle busy lives and look great doing it!  No wallflowers please." 

I think I'm one of their girls!! If you think so too, please let them know by sending an email to

Move over LuAnn, Jill, Bethany, Kelly, Ramona and Alex--the Housewives of Chicago are ready for their close-ups. 


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  • OK, Candace. I voted.

  • Hey Bill!! It's because of friends like you that I've come this far in the audtioning process. They are coming next week! If nothing comes of it, I'll know I am rich in friends!!! Thanks for your support and good luck with your Chicago Now website!!! XXOX CJ

  • Hey Candace! I sent an email letting the Towers Production group know that I think it is great that they are planning a Housewives of Chicago and that you sounded like a great candidate for the show. I hope you get selected! It'll be fun seeing you on the show. I so loved the Housewives of NYC!

  • In reply to sfrychel:

    I am so sorry to be responding to your kind email so late!!! I so appreciate these comments and hope Towers will feel the same. I know they are still interviewing so who knows what they might be looking can bet you will know anything as soon as I do and again, thanks so much for your support and for reading my blog!!! Enjoy the summer! :-) CJ

  • Sent the email to casting- Good luck Candice!

  • In reply to Yvesmoon:

    Thanks for your support! They're still interviewing. It's anyone's guess what they're looking for.......Have a great summer!!

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