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There was a Sun-Times editorial on Friday (with no byline of course) complaining about the article the Sun-Times had run about a few local women who might be considered for the Real Housewives reality show to be filmed here by Towers Production.

I was one of them and very happy to be included. Anyway, this anonymous person writes about their choices for the show and goes on to say "She should not--and this goes without saying--be a former Playboy Playmate."

Well, you can imagine how I felt. As a matter of fact, you can read my rebuttal below which will be published in the Sun-Times on Monday. I feel kinda sorry for the person who wrote this editorial. Apparently, she or he needs a dose of reality themselves.

Here is my response, which I'm told will run in the Sun-Times on Monday:


In reading your editorial about "A Chicago look at TV's 'Real Housewives', I take offense at a lot of the editorial but especially the comment that she should not be a former Playboy Playmate.

Why not? I'm one but I'm also a housewife who's been married for 20 years to the same man. I have a darling stepson who I adore (yes, my husband was married once before), we don't live in a gated community, I do worry about bills and our mortgage, I have lots of loving friends and I have been serving Chicago in dozens of philanthropic capacities for years as well as working at various jobs along the way.

My husband and I took care of my mother in our home until she passed away 6 years ago. I think I would make a pretty good example of the Midwestern philosophy. With drive, desire, will power and caring I have brought myself from a small town in southern Illinois (Dupo, pop. 3000) to Chicago where I have made something of myself--someone I am very proud of.

I am on the board of managers for the Service Club of Chicago (one of the cities' oldest philanthropic organizations), PAWS development board, executive board of Common Threads, Vice-president of the Joffrey Women's board and executive board member, was part of the steering committee that brought the ballroom dance program to Chicago area public schools, member of the Costume Council of Chicago History Museum and the Parkways Foundation.

Besides these organizations I have also supported The Center on Halsted, DIFFA and the Heartland Alliance. What have you done for this city lately?

I'm sorry you are so narrow minded not to think there is room for everyone to achieve here and not just the bungalow living folks. And isn't a goal of these types of shows to get people talking? Well, thanks to you, I've already helped!

Oh, and by the way--I drive a 2006 Chrysler Sebring. I hope this isn't too high brow for you.

Candace Collins Jordan
Old Town


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  • Excellent, Candace! Hopefully your response will widen that person's world focus a little bit, but I doubt it...

  • Great response Candace!!Unfortunately, you cannot teach "class" (no pun intended). Great column.

  • Did they forget that Playboy was a major influence in Chicago back in the day? Perhaps, having some classy history on the show, rather than all the drama I've seen on past ones, would make it *gasp* interesting.

  • In reply to namahottie:

    I couldn't agree more! And thanks so much for the comment. I am sorry for getting back to you so late....hope you're having a nice summer! CJ :-)

  • And while we're on the subject, let's not forget that the Playboy magazine is based here in Chicago.

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