Guess who called me this morning?!?! You guessed it! The casting
director for the local reality show, Real Housewives of Chicago!

said she called me first due to the large number of emails she and her
assistants have received about my participation on the show!  THANK

The show would be fun but I am
so very touched by the number of friends who have taken the time to
write in for me--this is really what is the most exciting!  I am so
very grateful!  

She said she will be coming to my house next
week for an audition and that the Tribune will come with her as they
want to document the casting process. She said she would like to bring
them to my house due, again, to the email campaign on my behalf!  I am
verklempt and so very thankful!  I will take you all along on the ride
no matter where it goes!

Also, the producer of the REAL Bravo
Housewives Show emailed me as well to let me know they were not
affiliated with this local production. I told them this was mentioned
in Bill Zwecker's column and that I was aware of this. I also suggested
that they SHOULD consider coming here themselves!!!!! This will be fun
for all of us!!

Even if nothing comes of it, I am convinced we're all on the road to wonderful things!  Wooooooo Hooooooo!!!!!


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