Richard Roeper, Howard Tullman and Harold Ramis

Chicago's own Harold Ramis is, in short, the nicest guy!  OMG!  I wonder how he navigates the Hollywood scene so successfully without a hint of being a barracuda!?  He appeared at a private screening of his latest film, "Year One", for Brenda Sexton's Chicago Link Productions last night and he was a pure delight.  It seems like he took photos with every single person there and also attended the after party at the Wit Hotel.  


His self deprecating humor was a breath of fresh air in an arena of too many puffed up egos.  Even though the film has brought in close to $21 million it still hasn't met his expectations.  He jokingly said he should put "AIR CONDITIONING" in really big letters in the ads like the old days to bring more people in.  "Year One" was filmed in Sibley, La. In 13 weeks and has lots of funny moments.  My husband and I laughed at times so hard we had tears running down our cheeks.  Granted, Harold said the demographics for this film are closer to 20 year old males but we still thoroughly enjoyed it. 


The event was also to honor Flashpoint Academy's first graduating class.  Congrats to Howard Tullman and the great work his kids are doing too!  Richard Roeper moderated the Q & A session and many of Harold's 11 films were discussed including "Ground Hog Day."  He said Tom Hanks turned this film down and the rest, as they say, is history.  Harold said this film, in his opinion, is the "It's a Wonderful Life" for our generation.   


He goes on to say that with all of  the blockbuster films coming out now like "Transformers", "he feels like he's driving a smart car down the highway surrounded by 18 wheelers."   I see him as the "Little Engine that Could" with "Year One"! 


Me and the nicest guy in the business...


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