Early Birds and Bookworms


Gretchen Jordan, Shauna Montgomery, Rebecca Besser and Robin Berger.

On Tuesday, May 19th, Bunky Cushing hosted the first annual "Early
Birds and Bookworms," an exclusive book signing and author breakfast to
raise funds and awareness for the Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC).

Many of Chicago's most philanthropic got up very early to meet Charlie
Scheips, the acclaimed curator, art advisor and author of "American
Fashion." Charlie shared stories about how this richly illustrated
book, which highlights eight decades of fashion in America, came to be
a coffee table staple.

The event, which was underwritten by RL Restaurant raised more than
$10,000 to support the JASC which helps older area adults build
relationships, develop leaders, educate people and create the power
necessary for them to play a central role in determining their quality
of life.

Their primary goal is to develop senior leadership and organized power
for social justice. Guests included Mamie Walton, Linda Heister,
Shirley Michels, Lisa Malkin, Myra Reilly, Carol Prins, Gerri Shute,
Gretchen Jordan, Shauna Montgomery, Rebecca Besser, Robin Berger, Megan
McKinney, JASC Chair Vicki Adams, Heather Wright, Lisa Gutierrez, Hazel
Barr, Zarada Gowenlock, Maria Smithburg, Peggy Martay, Dori Wilson,
Susan Gohl, Bill Zwecker, Whitney Lasky and Sherren Leigh among others.

You can bet that whenever Bunky puts his considerable clout behind an
organization that they are in for tons of support!  Good luck Bunky and
thanks for all you do for ALL of us!

(For more info on supporting the JASC, please call (773) 404-6429).

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Bunky and Maria Smithburg.


Shirley Michels and Bill Zwecker


Heather Wright, Hazel Barr and Lisa Gutierrez.


Carol Prins and Gerri Shute.


Lori Daniels and Peggy Martay.


Megan McKinney, Linda Heister, Zarada Gowenlock and Mamie Walton.


Myra Reilly and Lisa Malkin.


Charlie Scheips and Bunky


Charlie Scheips addressing the crowd

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