Thanks to a great recommend from my friend, Marcus Riley, I taped a segment at NBC Tower this AM for a new show called "The Talk."  This was the 2nd show and will run on Sunday morning at 7:30 AM with Marion Brooks.  My segment was talking about the housewives reality show coming to town!  Check it out!!!  Marion is a doll and her format will be talking to the people and current events!!  Don't miss it!   Woooo Hooooo!  :-)   BTW, my audition is next week!  Wish me luck!  :-)




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  • Hey Candace,
    Did you watch the Tuesday episode of NJ Housewives? I haven't been watching this group, but I caught a few of the episodes on Tuesday.
    When the cat fight at dinner with the upturned table happened I had to check my tv guide to make sure I wasn't watching Jerry Springer!

    I know that Chicago Housewives will show much more class than that. The NY ones certainly did.

    Look forward to hearing how you interview goes


  • In reply to sfrychel:

    Hi Sandy! I'm so sorry I'm so late in replying to you! I missed the "upturned table" episode of the NJ show but I agree about the similarity to Jerry Springer. And you're right. We wouldn't be doing stuff like that but who knows, maybe this is exactly what they're looking for. I know they're still interviewing so who knows what they're looking for. But if they want cat fights, they have the wrong girls.....thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a great summer!!! :-)))

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