When writing a memoir, especially one about something like mine that has taken place over a long period of time, it is easy to forget the exact details of what happened over the course of it all. Sure, you remember exact dates and the general details of things that happened, but when it comes down to it, it is impossible to remember the small things, such as who said what or what exactly happened during each surgery. When it comes to writing a memoir, details are everything! Readers want as much details as possible.

I feel like so many writers struggle with this, and what I've found particularly helpful in my particular experience is that getting my medical records from the hospital can help fill in a significant amount of the missing details, especially concerning what exactly happened during each appointment and major surgery.

When doing your research, it is super important to be flexible with time expectations. Be aware that, depending on where you're getting your records and documents from, they may be incredibly busy and it may take them a few weeks to print it all out. I remember that I signed the release of records form that allowed the hospital to send the records to my house in the middle of August, but did not receive them in the mail until the beginning of September! So patience is a requirement here, but one that will definitely be rewarded when you realize how much better your memoir is with this critical information in it.m

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