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When I'm sick I want my mom

I’ve been taking a new medication that makes me sick to my stomach. The other day at a lunch to honor a student, I had to push past the person next to me and get to the bathroom. I almost didn’t make it before being “sick.” This is the British word for vomiting, tossing your... Read more »

The Republican health care bill will make it cheaper to get melanoma

It’s hard for me to be articulate about the healthcare legislation that the House approved on Wednesday. It offers so much to hate and so much to fear that all I can do is sputter and emote. However, I can think clearly about one part of the bill. It repeals the tax that the ACA... Read more »

Balance is a way of being, developed by doing

In my physical therapy sessions, I’ve been working on balance. Last week, it was standing on one leg on a thick foam square, switching legs every 30 seconds. Yesterday, it was a square skateboard-like contraption that I had to keep balanced. As in life, I struggle with balance at PT. It’s different from hard work... Read more »

You don't have to remain upbeat and positive about cancer

I’ve been working with a student all semester, trying to help her complete my class. She’s smart, a good writer, hard working, and conscientious. And, her grandmother has cancer. She’s been at her bedside whenever she can be. Today in class, she told me that her grandmother died over the weekend. Another student’s father has... Read more »

Finding the confidence to listen

Tonight is our blogapalooz-hour at ChicagoNow. We’re writing about confidence, having it and lacking it. I’ve been told, more times than I can count, that I’m “intense.” I’m pretty sure that folks don’t all define the term the same way, but I take the point. And, while I am passionate and serious and do have... Read more »

You know you're fainting when you lose your hearing

You know you're fainting when you lose your hearing
Since I was a little kid, I’ve been a person who faints. When the going gets tough, the wimps just shut down and let everyone else handle things.  Although I’ve passed out in a bunch of different situations, the common thread is fainting during a visit to the doctor or hospital. In grad school, I... Read more »

13 reasons why the Netflix series gets suicide wrong

The topic of suicide has been in my Facebook newsfeed for the past few weeks, spurred by the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why.” I haven’t seen the show, and I won’t see it, for my own wellbeing. From those who have seen it, I’ve learned that rape and suicide are depicted graphically, which is very... Read more »

There's more to know about mesothelioma than what you see on billboards

Until about two months ago, all I knew about mesothelioma was splashed across a billboard on I-294, and, then, all I learned was how to contact the lawyers who paid for the advertising. Over the years, I’ve tried to become informed about the breadth of cancers that people face. I have to say that reading... Read more »

April is the cruelest month: depression in the spring

April is the cruelest month: depression in the spring
It was my mother’s birthday on April 5th, and it never crossed my mind. Today my daughter and I were listening to Carly Simon (she indulges me) and “Like a River” started playing. When my daughter was little, less than 3, she said, “Mama, why do you listen to that sad song so much?” I... Read more »

How a writing workshop at Gilda’s Club has helped me find a place of refuge

I have been organizing and facilitating an expressive writing workshop for Gilda’s Club in downtown Chicago. The first six-week session was last fall, and the second is wrapping up next week. Research by James Pennebaker and others shows that expressive writing can help us cope with difficult experiences. From pain and fear to loss and... Read more »