I'm looking for a mom

I’m looking for a mother, just for a few days, like today if possible. Someone who will take care of me, nurture me, make a fuss over me.

Not a three-dimensional, real mother. Not a mom with interests and passions of her own, a full-time job, or obligations.

Not a mom with illnesses. Not a mom in physical pain. Not a mom who’s struggling with her own demons.

I want a mom who knows how much I like warm laundry folded on my bed, who knew I needed that white blouse ironed, who remembers my favorite yogurt.

Not a mom who goes to the kitchen, sees we’re out of bread and curses under her breath, but not enough under her breath that her daughter can’t hear her.

Not a mom who is teary for no particular reason on a Friday.

A mom who brings order to the world, makes a lunch with all my favorite things, who keeps healthy food around for me.

A mom who knows I need a hug, who knows I need to be reminded that I’m loved. A mom who doesn’t need to be told how exhausting life can be sometimes.

I’m looking for a mother who will ground me and inspire me and back away.

Just for today.


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