When Is It Ok To Start Worrying About Trubisky?

When Is It Ok To Start Worrying About Trubisky?

I am constantly reminded by talking heads, Twitter, and the Bears faithful,  that Sunday was our quarterback's 28th career start since high school (definitely the 1st time that fact about an NFL quarterback has been brought to my attention). I am told not to forget the Bear's win over the weekend was just our quarterback's 15th career NFL start and only his 3rd game under new head coach Matt Nagy. However, despite the win last Sunday and the Bears holding reign over 1st place in the NFC North at 2-1, it is no longer acceptable to ignore that we have a clear weak link on our surprisingly stacked roster. The excuses that flood the Chicagoland area after every sub-par performance our quarterback clocks in need to stop.

Our next game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be Mitchell Trubisky's 16th career NFL start and by the time Monday morning rolls around, he will have had a full season under his belt, not to mention an entire NFL off-season. If his play doesn't considerably improve at Solider Field this Sunday, will it finally socially acceptable to worry that he does not have what it takes to get the job done? Will it be kosher to discuss the possibilty that General Manager Ryan Pace got the pick wrong last year? Will it be ok to begin thinking our biggest nightmare is coming true; that we have yet another off-the-shelf Bears quarterback under center?

It has been drilled into my head not to compare Trubisky to other young quarterbacks in the league because it isn't fair (well guess what Mitch, life isn't always fair. Case in point; last Friday I ordered a skillet at Egg Harbor Cafe and they forgot to put bacon in it, even though it specifically said bacon was in the skillet on the the menu. Is it fair that I was forced to eat this skillet without bacon in it? I don't think so, and by he time they brought the bacon out, I was basically done with my skillet and had to eat the bacon by itself. Was it still great? Yes, because it was bacon, but it would have been even better combined with the cheese and other ingredients within said skillet). However, after going against the grain and comparing him to the other two quarterbacks drafted in the first round with him last year, I now know why I am constantly steered away from making such comparisons; because the side by side is more outrageous than I even dreamed it up to be. Besides the Amish, who do not believe in technology and therefore, are shielded from news for the most part (that sounds really peaceful right about now), everyone else knows to some extent that Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson have found success in the NFL, but the numbers below make it look like they are on the rookie setting in Madden and Trubisky is playing against the 1985 Bears defense every week:

Mitchell Trubisky- 15 games, 62 completion percentage, 9 touchdown passes, 10 interceptions

DeShaun Watson- 10 games, 61 completion percentage, 24 touchdown passes, 11 interceptions

Patrick Mahomes- 4 games, 66 completion percentage, 13 touchdown passes, 1 interception

Now the optimistic Bears fan in me wants to immediately start making excuses here and I think some of them would be fairly legitimate, such as the fact John Fox was Trubisky's head coach for 12 of those games. However, that excuse only can blind me so much from what is painstakingly obvious; Pace picked the wrong guy. It is as simple as that. Mahomes and Watson are far more talented than Trubisky and no matter how many games pass between his last high school game and his current NFL one, he will never be able to play at the level they both are capable of playing at. It took Mahomes two NFL starts to throw more touchdown passes than Trubisky has accumulated over 15 games. That has nothing to do with anything, besides sheer ability. You switch their situations and Trubisky is not putting up anything close to those numbers and same goes for Watson. Mahomes and Watson have produced a number of memorable games over just 14 combined starts while Trubisky has produced zero through fifteen. He only has one multi-touchdown game to his name and that was during our Week 2 win against Seattle, where his performance was far from memorable. The best I can give him is that he hasn't blown every game he has started, but he sure seems to find ways to try.

It is time to start worrying about Mitchell Trubisky. The excuses need to stop and we can't continue to pretend we don't see an average player at best at quarterback. He was drafted because of his accuracy and he is not accurate. His football IQ does not seem to be as high as advertised and he seems rattled whenever the Bears go off script. He fails to find open receivers and has a deep ball that I literally never foresee either landing in bounds or near a wide receiver. Pace brought our young quarterback many toys this off-season, but for the most part, they have all remained in their boxes.

If Tribusky wants to ease my worries, it is time for him to grab some box cutters and free up those toys. Connect with Allen Robinson on a deep post; hit Trey Burton up the middle; connect with Taylor Gabriel on a go route. This Sunday, a 300-yard, three touchdown performance would provide a healthy dose of Prozac to my system. Help me stop worrying Trubisky, before everyone else catches on and begins to worry with me.

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